Car Rental for Businesses

Car rental for businesses is an excellent solution for businesses who want a vehicle for periods of less than 3 years, for temporary workers, short-term projects, etc. One of the biggest advantages of car rentals for businesses is that in most cases there is no advance obligation, so that a car can be rented for a certain period and extended according to business needs. Cal Auto offers a variety of rental vehicles, from compact cars, family cars, executive cars and commercial vehicles and vans. A standard car rental deal for businesses usually includes all vehicle maintenance and service costs, excluding fuel:                                                                                                                
  • Full maintenance of the vehicle - check-ups and repairs                                                        
  • Insurance coverage (compulsary, comprehensive and third party insurance)              
  • Towing and road services and driver services                                                                              
  • Replacement vehicle                                                                                                                  
Businesses large and small can enjoy a personal consultation with our leasing consultants, and in this way ensure that their next car rental deal will include the vehicles best suited to the nature of their activities and their specific needs.
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