Work Car Leasing

Cal Auto offers operational leasing of commercial work vehicles such as commercial cars and trucks in order to serve businesses that need work vehicles and trucks, allowing them to streamline and save valuable time in maintenance and operation. Beginning in 2014, all trucks and commercial vehicles imported to Israel, were required to meet Euro 6 European standards. To this end, changes and adjustments were made that significantly caused prices to rise and created a certain ambiguity regarding maintenance costs in the coming years. These facts affect the considerations in the decision regarding the renewal of a truck and there are many customers who choose to continue using their old truck despite higher maintenance costs and the low scrap value. Cal Auto offers businesses a wide range of work cars and trucks tailored to their needs, with monthly costs predetermined and known in advance. This service allows businesses to renew their fleet of work vehicles, allowing their employees to drive safer and less polluting vehicles, and  also saving on the company's fuel costs. The developing trend in recent years among the giant companies in the Israeli market, of transition from ownership of commercial vehicles and trucks to operational leasing, has now reached even small and medium businesses. Operational leasing of work vehicles enables a business owner to not waste precious work days dealing with the current operations involved with the purchase of vehicles and their operation. Is leasing for work vehicles the best solution for you? For a free consultation meeting, leave your contact information or call 03-7912007.
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