Operational leasing

Operational leasing is a system designed and suited for companies and organizations. In an operational leasing transaction, the customer receives from the leasing company vehicles of their choice for a predesignated period (usually three years), during which the customer pays a fixed monthly amount agreed upon in advance.
During the leasing period the vehicle belongs to the leasing company and is registered in its name, and all of the vehicle's maintenance expenses, treatments, insurance and licensing are at the expense of the leasing company and are its responsibility. A standard operational leasing transaction usually includes all maintenance costs and vehicle services, excluding fuel:                                  
  • Purchase of the vehicle, equipped according to customer requirements.                      
  • Full vehicle maintenance - vehicle repairs and treatments.                                                
  • Test and licensing fee.                                                                                                                          
  • Insurance coverage (compulsory, comprehensive and third party insurance).            
  • Towing and road services, driver services.                                                                                    
  • Replacement vehicle                                                                                                          
Businesses large and small can enjoy a personal consultation with our leasing consultants, and in this way ensure that their next car rental deal will include the vehicles best suited to the nature of their activities and their specific needs.
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